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Making A Difference In our Communities- Story of Ayisha Fuseini

I was a guest at the just ended Invest In Africa SME Excellence Awards last week Thursday 25th January, 2018. Invest in Africa (IIA) is a not-for-profit organization with the vision to create thriving African economies. Working in partnership with both private and public sector companies, IIA more effectively identifies and tackles the challenges of doing business in Africa, delivering more impactful and cost- efficient solutions.
The IIA SME Excellence Awards was organized to honor indigenous businesses who through IIA’s business linkage and skills development programmes have demonstrated innovative potential and developed capacity to scale up and participate in supply chains of larger organizations ( both local and international)

I was impressed when three women grabbed awards in different categories. One woman that caught my attention was Ayisha Fuseini. Ayisha grabbed two awards which included her award for being the Woman Entrepreneur for the year. Ayisha Fuseini took the award on behalf of her company ASHEBA Enterprise. I decided to hang around a while so I speak to her after the awards ceremony ended. 

I approached her and I must say she was very welcoming. I introduced myself to her and told her I would like to feature her on my blog to which she readily gave me the opportunity to take a picture with and get some information from her website to facilitate my article.
ASHEBA Enterprise was founded by Ayisha Fuseini in 2012 to help rural women produce quality Shea butter and access to premium price.
Ayisha, the third child in a family of ten, had struggled to meet school going costs, watching her mother earn very little money processing Shea butter at the bottom of the supply chain. 
Supported by Camfed in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation Innovation Bursary Program, she came up with a business idea that would change the economic dynamics in her community. As the CEO of Asheba Enterprise, she is now working with a co-operative of women to produce Shea butter for her value-added products for local, national, and international markets.
With the dream of seeing every woman have access to automation and fair compensation, she organizes Shea butter producers into one production center to produce high quality Shea butter for export market to help them improve the livelihood for their family. In Ghana over 50% of the population is involved in Shea butter production. By selling fruits, seeds, nuts and leaves, women earn their own income.
An estimated 88 per cent of rural women are illiterate, and have limited technical skills to improve the quality of their butter or acquire information about market trends. Even when they do have the skills or knowledge, few women have access to formal credit to purchase Shea butter presses or to better promote their products.
“Now organizations and cooperatives call me to train them on Shea butter processing and value addition.”,  Ayisha Fuseini.
ASHEBA Enterprise is Limited Liability company that is working with the rural Community women groups who are into Agriculture and Shea Butter extraction business. The aim of the company is to help the rural community women to extract quality shea Butter and also add value to the Shea Butter by using it to make product such as Body Cream, Hair Cream, Baby Pomade, Mosquito repellant and Black Soap.call me to train them on shea butter processing and value addition.
The was founded by Ayisha Fuseini in 2012 to help rural women produce quality Shea butter and access to premium price. They produce 100% Natural Shea Butter for cosmetic, food and pharmaceuticals companies grade A, B and C to satisfy our customers.              
ASHEBA Enterprise is now working with 600 Shea butter producers in the Northern Ghana to meet the demand of our client.    
Their Shea butter is made using traditional methods and it is lovingly handcrafted by women in a Ghanaian production center in 2012. The Enterprise seeks to preserve the heritage of skilled, high quality Shea Butter making, and works in partnership with family ownership of the land in which trees are grown. And 600 skilled artisans women, who manufacture the product by hand in Ghana.
Their products are designed maintaining the original process and are made using high quality natural materials to ensure minimal impact to the environment.
The company is driven by the desire to maintain the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship using traditional extraction methods
ASHEBA Enterprise produces 100% Natural Shea Butter for cosmetic, food and pharmaceuticals companies grade A, B and C to satisfy their customers.
To make further enquiries from Asheba Enterprise kindly call Telephone: +233 203263988 / 024 2009874 or email her on fuseiniayisha96@yahoo.com
visit their website on http://www.ashebasheabutter.com/

Source:  http://www.ashebasheabutter.com/

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