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We create solutions for common hair and skin issues- Kate Apaflo Awuku- Darko

Our team had the opportunity to engage with Kate a Mom in Business who is passionate about producing safe products for the skin and hair. It was interesting to learn the inspiration behind the business and how challenges she faced led her to start another busines. Enjoy our short interview with Kate Apaflo Awuku-Darko founder of Natural Treats Industries.

Dont be afraid to start all over if you have to.

  1. Please tell us a bit about yourself
    I am Kate Apaflo Awuku-Darko. A mother and a serial entrepreneur. I love to create solutions to common hair and skin issues and to help people learn to create their own cosmetic or food products on a lean budget.
  1. What inspired you to take this path in entrepreneurship
    A personal health challenge made me create safe natural hair and skin products for my personal use and it later occurred to me that there will be other people in my shoes and I began to market these products and later went on to register the business. @naturaltreatsgh where we craft premium natural cosmetics for the whole family.

  1. How you are able to manage the family and your business. This is not something I can say I have pat down. I try to create a balance by having a schedule and identifying priority tasks each day, either for family or business. I then work on those priorities and simply go with the flow with every other thing. I also sometimes give up on trying to achieve balance and ‘let it go, let it gooooo’ lol
  1. Share with us one challenge you faced in your business you faced and how you overcame it
    One challenge I faced and kind of still face, is the issue of financial inflows and investment. I overcame this by beginning with what I had on the smallest scale possible and reinvesting my returns. This is what I have condensed into a mini course that I teach at @Thrivewayconcepts
  1. What keeps you going as a mom in business. My supportive family, the Holy Spirit and the passion to be useful to the world.
  1. Some tips you have used to help you succeed a.Pray as if you don’t work and work as if you don’t pray. b.Keep at it, keep at it, keep at it. c.Actively seek and implement feedback. d.Dont be afraid to start all over if you have to.
  1. Message for WeMompreneurs on our 5th anniversary I wish wemompreneurs well on the occasion of your 5th anniversary. Thanks for all you do supporting and giving light to mothers on this sometimes dreary journey. I pray and know that in a few years, wemompreneurs will be featured on major international news agencies and will blossom into something eyes have not seen nor have ears heard just as God in heaven has in store for you.

To learn more about Kate’s business contact her on +233 26 406 9365 for all your retail and wholesaling requests. Follow them on @naturaltreatsgh on Instagram and Natural Treats Industries on Facebook.

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