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Motherhood +Entrepeneur Balance Tips for Busy Mompreneurs

Most women find it very challenging managing their career , family and personal life. This is especially so if they try to fuse the two together turning them into a Mompreneur.
As a mompreneur it is ideal to work out of home as it enable you to differentiate between your personal issues and work life.
Working from home usually turns to overlap these two aspects on your life and it makes it quite difficult sometimes to balance which leaves you stressed out on daily basis.

It creates a ripple effect as you turn to take out your anger on your spouse or children which may not lead to the peaceful home successful Mompreneurs want to create.

Check out a couple of things you can do as a mompreneur to ensure balance in your work and motherhood duties.

1. Prioritze and organize your goals- You may have a thousand of things to do as a mother and entrepreneur every morning. It becomes another issue when you have so much to do but do not know what to start with leaving things undone at the end of the day.
Keep a to list or calender of things to acheive daily and this will keep you on track and measure progress

2.Socialize: Make your women’s hang out a priority. Constantly catch up with female friends who share in your goals and are equally mothers and entrepreneurs. There are a lot of opportunities in socializing and networking. Find out clubs or associations that are productive and are worth joining

3.Stay Healthy.- Dont starve yourself trying to get things done. Maintain a healthy diet  and engage in constant exercising. You can sign up to a gym class and get the opportunity of interacting with other mompreneurs. Your health is essential to keep in you shape to perform your duties as a mother, spouse and entrepeneur

4.Occasional Pamper –  Pamper yourself occasionally to do something relaxing or an activity that makes you happy. Occasional vacations is a MUST  DO for every successful Mompreneur

By An Aspiring Mompreneur

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