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I came across an interesting video shared by a friend this morning and decided to write on this today.
Just some few lines from the video….

If I were a young woman now I am not sure I would cope…
With all the things you have, the opportunties, the technologies..
I would like to think it will be a world of pleasure…
But I fear instead it will only be a world of Pressure….

Pressure to be the perfect mother…..
The perfect wife….
The perfect friend…..
Pressure to be successful……A boss, a leader…

Lessons learnt from this video…

1.Never allow the pressure of this life to take a toll on your life.

2. Live one day at a time and savour every moment

3. Don’t complicate your life..make everything simple. Life is not a competition

3. Be able to let go and be proud to do so

4. Spend a lot of time being who you are and not doing

5.Some moments in life can never be relived..Live every stage of life to the fullest

6. Be you and BE GREAT

By an Aspiring Mompreneur

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