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If you are a full time mother, especially one who is employed by an organization getting a grip on home management can be a very big challenge. It turns to look much convenient if you  own your own business as you allocate time to close and go to work.

There is always something to be done. Taking care of the family needs, laundry, cleaning, and undone chores that always keep staring at you in the face.

You may resort to outsourcing these chores to a house-help which sometimes may not be done, or done well if proper supervision is not given.
If kids are below 10 years, then its okay to get a helping hand its especially great if you can get a family member whom you well trust to assist you.

If the kids are old enough to help with some chores let the family work as a team and  allocate tasks to each member or work is left undone every day.

Begin by allocating very little tasks to the children to do on their own. When the task is given to the child let him or her know how important it is for that job to be done. When this is done the child begins taking pride in the task that he or she is now responsible for.

Tasks can also be shared across  the week so they do not pile up during the weekend leaving everyone grumpy and tired at the end of the day.

There are great schedules that have been shared online that mums can adopt to ensure some days are not over burdened with tasks

Trying to keep up with the household chores is not an easy task for anyone  but especially not for a working mother both a Mompreneur or an employed mum. Get a schedule, relax and involve your kids to make it worthwhile.

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