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Fulfilling Our Purpose through our Business- Story of Stesi Ghana

It was a pleasure getting in touch with Mrs. Ayotunde Adeusi, and we were so inspired by her story. Its amazing how strong, women are created to be and are able to pick themselves up when the world seems to be falling apart around them.One thing I learnt from her story is to identify your purpose as it helps you engage in a business you love and work at it with passion.

Mrs Ayo Adeusi is a 1985 computer science graduate. She worked in the private sector for a while and later went on to work in a government establishment.She rose in the business hierarchy of the government establishment but had to resign after years to stay home and focus on the upbringing of her kids

As restless as she felt during her stay home, she decided to learn some skills to keep her occupied. She learnt how to sew, bake cakes and also learnt event planning management. Eventually she picked up a diploma in event planning management.

She did not use these skills those times as her husband catered for everything at home. She only used the skills once a while when people requested for her services.
All she had to do was to make sure everything with the kids and the house was fine. Her husband took very good care of the family. As she described it was a fantastic marriage, however 22 years down the line her husband passed away.

Here she was with two sons in the university and no visible source of income. For close to twenty years she had just been playing around with her skills. She was totally lost as to how she was going to take care of the bills, school fees and all the things the family would need. She visited her husbands workplace and was told the benefits remaining for her husband could pay fees. However she would have to sort out the rest of the needs of the family.

She had to find a way out , but first she had to change cities. During this periods she realized something happening. Other young ladies lost their husbands and they were left with much more younger kids. Her worry now was how they were going to survive the long years of seeing the children through school and catering for their needs. That was how she started training using the little skills she had acquire and made some income by charging a small fee.

Somewhere along the line she had to relocate to Ghana. She struggled with business registration, settling down and understanding how things were done around. It was tough but she kept on with it.



Today Stesi Ghana is a brand that is known for their finger licking cakes and for helping women gain financial freedom through the business of cake craft.

Its been a long journey , about 4 years (she started in December, 2013) but the business is thriving now and her purpose of supporting women with skills have been fulfilled.

To get in touch with Stesi Ghana reach out to them on 0269848552 or email them on Check out more of their pictures on Facebook on Stesi Ghana and follow them on instagram on @stesighana.

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