A Mom’s World

Right from the day I came into her life, she knew her life had taken a whole new turn. As a new mom, she had to find ways of juggling her daily chores while seeing to the needs of her kid and husband. Creating her own kind of world as an unemployed mom was all she could think of.

Being inspired to create a balanced lifestyle, she decided to work from home, one that she could have both her mind and heart fully at home while pursuing her passion. Just like a proverbs 31 woman, she would rise at dawn, plan a schedule and see to it that daddy is set for work. With me in my cozy cradle, belly-filled, she would gather her straws and start knitting her hand-made shopping baskets. While looking on to me, she joyfully knitted. Breaking intermediately, she fed and put me to sleep then closely tick through her To-do list with so much fulfilment.

With the help of dad, she established an online business line where she showcased and sold her products. She would be the last to go to bed almost everyday after blogging her days activities with the aim of inspiring other moms worldwide. A day well spent with a healthy family and glowing business has been her deepest pride.

She is a mom with gifted hands, a beautiful soul, a loving heart, filled with divine wisdom and strong in all areas. She is a vessel of honor and her family couldn’t have asked for anything better.





Paulina Mwindor is a twenty three year-old lady and a fourth year student of the University of Cape Coast where she pursues a Bachelors degree in Arts, specifically, English and Classics. She is driven by her passion to empower the youth most especially young girls in rural communities, encouraging them through mentorship programs to help identify and develop their potentials. Paulina is a fun loving person, she enjoys blogging, reading novels and listening to music.

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