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We just had to share these golden nuggets from Our very own Gathy of Learn with Gathy as she shares some life changing moments in her career that transformed her journey. Take a break, relax and enjoy as you learn.

“In 2017 I took a huge bet on myself and decided to transform my life. I had read in books and heard that transformation is possible but now I have experienced it my self. My dear leader you can be anything you want to be, if you purpose in your heart to be. The old ” you “must die before the best “you” Can be born. 

Let me share 5 tips that helped me in my transformation journey”: 📍
1.Don’t wait till you have ideal conditions to step up. Change is unleashed with a simple start.
2.Build a network of Positive minded people. You will need to change the people you associate with. The people you hang out with either influence you positively or negatively. Change your circles to people who tell you about your strengths & weaknesses and are willing to work with you to achieve your goals.
3.Adopt good habits, this was one difficult thing for me to do. I had to totally change the way I feel about myself and mostly my mindset. Your habits form your behavior and your behavior predicts the kind of life you have….choose some good habits; – read books – Have a daily routine – learn new things – travel if you can afford it – Eat healthy One of the good habits I adopted was getting up early & starting my day in the quiet of my room.
4.Commit to self development. Decide to improve yourself slowly but steadily. Be conscious of the person you want to be and continuously improve to become that person.
5.Go after your dreams and inspire others to do so. 
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Photosource: Women in Tech Week 2019

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