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I followed my Dreams and Passion – Dorcas A. Yeboah Koranteng

My name is Dorcas Adwoa Yeboah Koranteng. I am a Milliner, Makeup Artist, Businesswoman, Mother and a Wife. My entrepreneurial journey started on 31st December, 2008 when I finally tended in my resignation as a banker in order to follow my dream and passion of being in the fashion and beauty business/industry because I realized I had no passion and love for the work I was doing; I had searched myself thoroughly and I knew what I wanted to pursue. Thus I got myself trained as a Milliner, Bead Jewellery maker and a Makeup Artist.

After my training, I practiced all three professions alongside each other whiles I also did buying and selling of some beauty products once in a while. Along the line, I decided to drop the beading because I realized my love for the others was more than the beading.

Working from home can be difficult, however, I’ve been able to draw a plan that keeps me in check so as to avoid my business from consuming all my time and also do well to execute my responsibilities as a mother and wife. I do well to make time to bond with my family as much as possible, as it is essential.

Like every entrepreneur I have faced the one major challenge which is the issue of friends and family who believe that the price of a product or service should be different from what they have to pay. Some actually think it should be free for them, because of the ties they have with you but by God’s grace I have been able to overcome it. It hasn’t been easy but I chose to stand firm and be stern on the situation.

What keeps me going as a mum in business is the relentless support I get from my family. However, being truthful to clients and staying time concious are the two major factors that have helped me stay in business.

Always deliver within the specific time frame toy promise to a client and if for some reasons you will be unable to deliver as promised do well to communicate it to the client. Always smile and respect your clients for they are the reason you’re in business.

To learn more about Dorcas’s business, follow her on Instagram. You can contact her on 0245725101 for more enquiries or orders for any of her products or services.

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