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Meet Deidre Makin-Tetteh , Ghana’s Representative at the Mrs. Supermodel Worldwide Pageant 2023

In an industry that often emphasizes youth and singlehood, the Mrs. Supermodel Worldwide pageant breaks the mould by celebrating the beauty, talent, and accomplishments of married women. This prestigious international beauty pageant, created in 2019 by Sandeep Kumar, the founder and president of Rubaru Group, aims to empower women and raise awareness about important issues such as gender-based discrimination and women’s education. This year, Ghana is proudly represented by the remarkable Mrs. Deidre Makin-Tetteh, a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and former model.

Her Biography

Mrs. Deidre Makin-Tetteh is a woman of many talents and roles. As a loving wife and mother of four, she has dedicated herself to nurturing her family, while also successfully managing her businesses – Da Tettehs Baby Boutique and Purple fox Events. Deidre’s journey in the world of modelling began at the renowned Expo modelling agency, where she honed her skills and built a strong foundation for her future endeavours.

A dream deferred

Although Deidre had a passion for modelling, she made the selfless decision to put her dreams on hold to prioritize her family and business. Like many married women, she balanced her responsibilities with grace and resilience, allowing her loved ones to take center stage. However, the opportunity to participate in the Mrs. Supermodel Worldwide pageant has reignited her long-held dream and allowed her to once again embrace her love for the runway.

The Essence of Beauty with Responsibility

The Mrs. Supermodel Worldwide pageant stands apart from traditional beauty contests by emphasizing the importance of “Beauty with Responsibility.” It celebrates the multifaceted nature of womanhood, acknowledging that beauty goes beyond physical appearance. Mrs. Deidre Makin-Tetteh embodies this ethos effortlessly, as she not only represents Ghana on the international stage but also advocates for women’s empowerment and the promotion of women’s education.

A Beacon of Inspiration

Deidre’s journey serves as an inspiration to women worldwide, who may have put their dreams on hold to prioritize their families or careers. She reminds us that it is never too late to pursue our passions, and that by nurturing our own ambitions, we can inspire those around us to do the same. Deidre’s participation in the pageant exemplifies the strength and determination that lie within married women, proving that beauty and responsibility can coexist harmoniously.

As Ghana’s representative at the Mrs. Supermodel Worldwide pageant, Mrs. Deidre Makin-Tetteh exemplifies the beauty, talent, and resilience of married women. Her story serves as an inspiration to all women who have put their dreams on hold, reminding them that it is never too late to pursue their passions. Deidre’s commitment to women’s empowerment and the promotion of important societal issues further reinforces the pageant’s motto of “Beauty with Responsibility.” Let us support and cheer for Mrs. Deidre Makin-Tetteh as she represents Ghana on this international stage and continues to inspire women around the world.

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