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Winning Against all odds in the Real Estate Industry – Amorina Raad

Today our Spotlight lands on an amazing Mama in the real estate industry. She started her own Real Estate company amidst all the discouragement when she decided to invest in there. She has been running her own business for the past nine years now.
Enjoy the read as she shares her story with us on how she transitioned from an employee to run her own real estate company.

I am Amorina Raad , mother of an amazing young boy and the Principal CEO of Home Style Realty Ghana. I started my first job with a Real Estate company, with no clue in that industry, I took on the job and decided to learn on the job. As I worked in the industry, I found myself falling in love with it, and started to get curious on the other aspects of real estate. Having worked there for a year, I decided to start my own real estate company and to explore the options.

I started my company with practically nothing. All I had was complimentary cards, a taxi driver and the zeal to succeed.
It wasn’t easy initially, as I was discouraged that real estate agency was not that lucrative.
Being a young lady like myself they didn’t see how I would survive in such an industry mainly dominated by men who were also trying to gain their feet in there . It was devastating to hear my dreams being crushed, I mean, they made valid points but that was not going to deter me. I set out to make a difference against all odds.

I moved from one development to the other trying to gain their trust in order to sell their property.
I had to work twice as hard to gain a potential clients .Overtime I built my portfolio and earned the trust of my clients.

Being a mom has been one of the most challenging things I have ever had to do, especially juggling the time I spend with my son and the business as it feels like I have two babies that need attention.
With the help of God and family, I have been able to schedule my time close early from work or have family take care of him when meetings have to run late or cannot be rescheduled in order to give my son the best.Reach her on +233 24 566 1464.
IG: @home_style_realty

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