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‘Mompreneurship’…more than a sisterhood

One thing that binds mompreneurs together is how we easily understand one another and share similar experiences. Who is a mompreneur? She’s simply a superwoman who balances running her own business with motherhood. More mompreneurs are coming up every day and supporting one another is one major way of making the mompreneur journey easier and more fulfilling. Every mompreneur needs a support system of kindred women, and today, especially in a time of social distancing, isolation etc. we share a few ways by which we as mompreneurs can support one another.

  • Be open and ready to learn from others


There are many mompreneurs who are ready to share their experiences and give advice, and thankfully social media has made it easier to do so. Sometimes, experience isn’t the best teacher…we can also learn from others so we can handle things better or not make the same mistakes. Just as we learn from others, we should also be willing to share our experiences with fellow mompreneurs, so they are reminded that they are not alone.


  • Support groups

Ever heard the song “bind us together with cords that cannot be broken”? Yep, as mompreneurs, we can also stand together by forming support groups that will build the foundation for lifelong friendships and networks that will be there throughout the mompreneur journey. There are a couple of mompreneur support groups (including ours), but hey, if you know a few mompreneurs as well, you could also try forming a small group via WhatsApp etc., where you could have weekly virtual meetings. This could be a place to vent, share ideas and encourage one another.


  • Referrals

Word-of-mouth often goes a long way! Do you know a mompreneur who has started a business and has so much to offer? You could also support by telling others about it, so they could patronize their products and services. Not only will this bring them some revenue, but also encourage them to keep going.


  • Comment, like, share, participate

Sometimes, the support is in the little things. Have you seen a mompreneur’s post that inspired you or that you learnt from? You could share it with others so they could also be inspired. Or perhaps you saw an encouraging quote you felt other mompreneurs may need to see. You can also tag them to let them know you’re thinking of them. Even if it’s just liking a post or commenting to show that you see them and believe in what they do, that alone could put a smile on a mompreneur’s face and give her the push she needs.


We need one another and can only be stronger together! Do you know any mompreneur? Don’t hesitate to encourage her today. Here’s to many more successes together!

Written by : Nana Boatemaa

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