Three Simple Strategies for Closing Deals

The most important aspect of every business when it comes to selling is closing the deal. No matter what you sell, whether products or services once you come into contact with the customer ,the goal is to close the deal and get them to buy whatever you are proposing to them.

These three simple strategies will help you win the hearts of your clients in a professional way without the client seeing you as desperate to get their business or forcing them to buy from you.

First of all it is is very essential to propose a solution to your client when marketing or selling and the only way you can  propose a good and right solution is when you understand the potential clients problem or business pain. Almost 70% of the time a product or service sale results from solving a problem or the need of the buyer. For example, A consumer on a normal day will not buy a bottle of water just because of the color of the bottle, the consumer needs some water to quench their thirst that is why they would reach out to purchase. In this case the water is a solution to being thirsty. For business owners this tell us that, the more you understand the needs of your market the better it will be for you to service their needs.


Secondly it is essential to create a sense of urgency around the product or service  you are marketing. This gives the client the push to take a decision on the product within the shortest possible time. Put together offers that will motivate prospective clients to become a part of your business. Phrases such as limited offers, Pre-Orders , custom made orders give customers a sense of privilege and motivates them to buy into whatever you are selling. Never ever leave your offers open. Remember to add an end date to give them that little push to take a decision.


Lastly the duty as business owners to follow up on potential clients cannot be over-emphasized. The “Rule of Seven” is a guiding marketing principle created by Dr. Jeffrey Lant that states that a prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you. You can make use of social media strategies and other marketing mediums to advertise and market to your potential clients so that they always keep in you mind to be the first to come to mind when they are ready to make a purchase!


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