SchoolPhinder: The Startup Solving Educational Needs

SchoolPhinder launches the newest educational solution to cushion the middle and upper middle class, parents, academic institutions, tutors, businesses & related service providers.

www.schoolphinder.com, a digital resource that highlights toptier innovative academic institutions, expert tutors, businesses and related  service providers will launch its service targeted at the middle and upper middle class, on Friday May 22, 2020.

There is a rise in the emerging middle class in Africa. According to Standard Bank, Ghana hadapproximately 1.3m middle-class households in 2014. KPMG, the audit, tax and advisory firm also indicates that Ghana is one of just six countries in sub-Saharan Africa in which the middle class – composed of individuals with a daily income of at least $8.44 – exceeds 1m people. The 2010 population and housing census report of Ghana discusses the urban sprawl in Ghana and its attendant issues, including urban mobility to schools, workplaces, hospitals et cetera. The stress that comes with such movements within limited time frames is enormous – and moving around to find the best school for your child or a qualified expert tutor can be even more frustrating.

Children are not in school due to Covid-19, and over 1.1 billion of them are barred from the classroom, according to UNESCO. Unfortunately, parents and droves of people across the world are also barred from their offices and regular routines. So what happens to quality education? SchoolPhinder has an edutech solution with quality & comfort. SchoolPhinder is very much interested in the development of well-rounded individuals. We provide seamless contact between the busy middle and upper middle class, top tier schools and expert tutors. The burden of searching for what best suits your lifestyle is catered for, by us. We offer, of the highest and finest quality; top tier academic institutions for your child; private or group home teaching; unconventional professional learning experience in culinary arts, painting etc; qualified tutors with specialty services in coding, robotics & gaming etc; and collaboration with top tier schools such as Lincoln Community School, Galaxy International School etc.

Parents, visit the website now, grab this timely opportunity to learn new skills and invest in your children’s development through quality expert tuition; find the best schools and arrange appointments with these schools or tutors. Private tutors, sign up and get listed to earn money while imparting relevant knowledge during this Covid-19 period and beyond. Heads and overseers of schools, sign up now and list your institution for free. Be among the first to enjoy this experience. Visit www.schoolphinder.com now to sign up.



I am Charity Akpabey Ofosuhene, a Project Manager at an international export and business advisory company located in the USA, with an office in Ghana. My burden for this initiative grew during an avid search for a school, for my son. My husband and I had no other option, than to scout around for schools that fit our schedule, since we were both heavily involved in work at the bank and a business advisory company respectively. It was a long search with a lot of mistakes – as we could not adequately and satisfactorily run those errands, mainly due to time constraints. After several winding efforts, we eventually found one that fit our schedule and expectations, with the right academic portfolio, structure and space.

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