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Positive Habits For A Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM)

A stay-at-home mom is typically a woman or a mom who stays at home to cater to her children while the other partner goes out to work.

A stay-at-home mom (SAHM) is also known as a “housewife” and makes sure the house is in order.

As a housewife, you have to make sure the house is well taken care of, the children are well fed and attended to, and the home is in an orderly position.

Many at times, most women do not want to become “stay-at-home moms.” Instead, they prefer to have something to do professionally to be able to support their partners with the bills and provide for the family.

Most moms become stay-at-home moms because their partners may not want them to be both mothers and workers. They prefer that their women stay at home while they go out to work and provide for their families.

Some come in the form of an agreement between both partners, and others come as a result of the preference of the other partner. Or solely a decision by the women.

In most cases, SAHM becomes so depressed and frustrated having to do just home things all the time. Which is to take care of the home and make sure children are well attended to.

Sometimes, it is a fun thing to do and other times, it becomes hectic, draining, and, of course, “boring.”

The reality of life is that when life hits you with children who need more time and attention, then the option of being a SAHM is the best decision to make.

10 Positive Habits For a Stay-at-Home Mom

Let me take you through this process that will help you become a happy stay-at-home mom with less stress which will let you enjoy every moment of it.

1. Late to bed, Early to rise


    As a stay-at-home mom, one habit you need to adapt to is the habit of going to bed early and making sure you get up early the next morning, even before your kids wake up.

    Yes! I said late to bed because, as a mom, you need to make sure everything is in good shape and order before you go to bed.

    Such as checking if the doors are well locked, if your kids are fast asleep and not having too much screen time, if kids are going to bed early, if the kitchen is in good order, and everything else that needs to be checked.

    I also said to wake up early before you’re kids because, as a mom, you need to be well prepared before your kids wake up. You must ensure that their breakfast is prepared on time, that they are dressed appropriately for school, and that they arrive on time.

    Waking up early helps you get everything done as fast as possible to prevent lateness and running from here to there trying to put your kids in their preparation for school or any other activities.

    2. Have shared chores among your kids


      Every child will gradually grow and become an adult someday. That’s why, as a SAHM, you need to share the chores with your children to ease your burden.

      This is because, as the kids grow, responsibilities become larger, and you can’t take it all upon yourself.

      A shared responsibility with your children will help ease your burden and make you feel less stressed. It also gives you more time to have some time to yourself.

      That being said, when you have younger kids, try involving them in any activity you do. As they grow, they become used to whatever responsibility or chores you have them do.

      They tend to do it and do it well. They understand that helping mom is the responsibility of every child, which makes them happy whenever they’re helping you do any chores at home.

      Like the washing of dishes, doing the laundry, buying groceries, and washing the cars.

      3. Make some new friends


        You know that staying at home and not moving becomes so boring sometimes. Doing and having one activity done for a very long time also becomes boring.

        That’s why, as a SAHM, you need to have time for yourself by making new friends and spending quality time with them.

        With this, you learn new things and have some good chats and laughter with them. They also try to help you and give you advice on how to become a wonderful and caring mother.

        Make sure you make good friends who can advise or teach you what to do as a mom. Share some ideas. Have some fun and visit a lot of places for a beautiful memory.

        This makes you a happy mom without even thinking twice about how boring your life is as a stay-at-home mom.

        4. Learn a new skill( DIY)


        Developing yourself every now and then as a mom is a very important thing to do especially being SAHM. It is very important because it helps you release some stress and have new knowledge about something new.

        Learning a new skill can involve your kids. Make sure you involve your kids when learning the skill. Sometimes, you may want to have alone time to yourself and develop yourself. That is a good thing to do but involving your children also helps them become so familiar and acquitted to you as their mom.

        They learn to associate and relate more to you. Children are very observant and as you involve them in your skill learning, they also become used to it and want to learn some more.

        5. Have some alone time to yourself


        Meditations lift our spirits and make us strong and healthy. It makes us have and develop new plans and strategies about what to do as a mom.

        More often, after you finish with your daily activities at home, make sure you have a lone time to yourself and reflect on what to do next. Have some rest, watch TV, listen to some music, read some books, and visit the saloon for your pedicure and medicure.

        You need that as a mom too. A time for your kids and a time for yourself is very important. Make sure to always look presentable and attractive to your partner.

        The fact that you’re a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you should be lackadaisical and mentally unstable. You need some time to yourself. It is very important.

        6. Have some time with your partner


        Funny enough, most stay-at-home moms get so used to their kids without having some time for their partners. They become so addicted to their kids forgetting about their partners.

        This is not a healthy practice. Give what belongs to Ceazar to Ceazar and give what belongs to God to God. That means spending some with your partner as much as you spend with your kids.

        Your partner is equally important as your kids. A SAHM is also required to give her time to her partner to lighten their relationship. To build a healthy and strong family.

        Notwithstanding, a mom who doesn’t give much attention to her partner ends up losing him while giving all the attention to her kids.

        7. Have patient.


        It is a very hectic thing to be a stay-at-home. It is very depressing and overwhelming sometimes. It is time-draining, and all this requires some patience.

        As a mom, one element that needs to be focused on is to be patient in all your dealings. Both with your partner and kids.

        It takes a lot of effort, time, and strength to build a healthy and happy home.

        Being a stay-at-home mom can sometimes be frustrating and you might end up wanting to give up. Patience is a major key and without it, you’ll always lose yourself, and end up having mental health issues.

        It takes time and much effort to make it work. It is a gradual process to make it happen. And when you’re finally through it becomes a glorious Hong to behold. So, have some patience and everything will be fine.

        8. No comparison

        In other to be a strong SAHM, make sure you never compare yourself to other moms whom you think their doing so well than you are.

        Mind you, you’re all not equal and truth be told, you’re doing a very wonderful work. You’re in the right truck and you’re going to be so okay on your own.

        Comparing yourself to other moms makes you rather see yourself as not doing so well and also not putting much effort in whatever you’re doing. It drains you mentally seeing yourself less and worthless.

        You might end up wanting to give up your motherly duties. Just be focused on what you’re doing.

        Why compare yourself to others when you know you’re doing so well? Look at whatever you’re doing. You’re a supermom to your kids and they love you just the way you’re. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re on the right track and stop comparing yourself to others.

        9. Ask for assistance

        You can never do this Stay-at-home mom alone. Sometimes, all you need is a little push and everything will be fine.

        Don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it. Asking for help simply means, you’re human and you need someone to assist you in whatever you’re doing.

        Ask for help from anyone you think is in the right position to offer it. It could be from your partner, relatives, friends, and even your kids.

        Almost all humans need a helping hand to help them complete a task or to be pushed. Don’t think asking for help as a SAHM makes you any week, lazy, or not hard working. You need it, so ask for it.

        10. Teach your children how to be independent

        You can not do it all alone, you need to help your children help themselves at all times. Especially when you’re not around them.

        You’re supposed to teach your children how to be independent and work on their own.

        Teach them to do the dishes after eating, teach them to lay their bed when they wake up in the morning, and teach them to say sorry and thank you. Teach your kids to be able to do the laundry on their own. Let them know how to do their homework independently.

        Don’t try to do everything alone by yourself by piling all these responsibilities on yourself. As you teach them, it helps you lift some of the burdens off your shoulders and have some limits to attending to them. While at this, make sure you keep an eye on them to do the right thing at the right time.


        I just want to see happy and healthy moms who can look after their kids with love and cheerful faces, not a mom who wants to give up just because they’re Stay-at-home moms (SAHM).

        I know it’s not easy but trying these habits and making sure you follow them will help you become a happy stay-at-home mom her writings.

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