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13 Unique Ways To Show Your Kids You Love Them

Carrying another human in your body is such an overwhelming thing to experience as a mom. It is also such an amazing moment for every mom. Before birth, you already make plans for them to show your kids you love them.

Every mom’s dream is to have their babies in her arms to show them how much she loves and cares for them. The moment a mom delivers, that’s when her love for the baby begins.

The joy, excitement, and happiness shown on their faces are priceless and refreshing.

Every mom dreams of watching a baby grow from the time they start sitting, crawling, and mentioning their parents’ names.

As the kids grow, you need to show them you love and care for them all the time. You need to let them know you’re their support system and number one friend.

There are so many ways to show your kids that you love, care for, and support them in every journey of their lives.

As a mom, your kids need to be aware of your love for them in order not to feel lonely, abandoned, and isolated.

Let’s kickstart and learn how to show your kids you love them:

1. Spend more quality time with them

Show Your Kids You Love them

Every mom needs to spend more time with their kids to show them they love them. The more time you spend with your kids, the stronger the bonds between you. Spending more time with your kids doesn’t matter if it’s not quality. Read books, watch TV, play games, and take a walk in the park or the beach.

Quality time with your kids is very important to them. It makes them vulnerable to you and makes them happy kids. They feel very welcome and want to express themselves when they’re with you.

2. Hug them more

Show Your Kids You Love them

Hugging and kissing your kids often assures them of your support and love for them. It makes them feel solace in you and also provides comfort for them. To show your kids you love them, make sure hugging them more often becomes a tradition.

Sometimes, all your kids want is a shoulder to cry on and arms to keep them warm. And hugging them is so welcoming to them. When they cry, hug them; when they’re happy, hug them; and when they feel scared, hug them.

It is advisable that you always have open arms for your kids. It helps them know that you love them and will always be there for them when they need you.

3. Have fun together

Show Your Kids You Love them

Go on vacations together, play games, learn new skills, bake, celebrate, and enjoy every beautiful moment together.

It creates room for growth and happiness in their hearts and lives. It shows you love them and want them around you every moment of your life.

4. Listen to your kids

Show Your Kids You Love them

Having a listening ear for your kids and paying attention to every conversation coming from them also shows your love for them.

They end up giving you every detailed information. It boosts their confidence and helps them trust in you with every single thing in their lives.

A mom who pays less attention or gives no listening ear to her kids loses her kids to bad advice from people. It also makes the kid feel less love from her.

5. Include your kids in any family decision

Show Your Kids You Love them

In any family decision, make sure your kids participate and give suggestions. This strengthens the bond between the family.

It helps the kids find their importance in the family. They become more excited and feel love when, of course, they see their suggestions taken into consideration and acted upon.

This makes them feel more responsible because they feel valued in the family.

6. Buy them gifts

Show Your Kids You Love them

Show your kids some love by buying gifts for them more often. It shouldn’t be just once in the blue moon. Buy them gifts when they portray good behavior, pass their text or exams, during their birthdays, or just random gifts.

Buying them gifts doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It could be anything that will help them feel appreciated, loved, and cherished. Children are moved by the little things you do for them as a mom, and it goes a long way toward adding value to their lives.

7. Support them in every endeavor.

Show Your Kids You Love them

Every kid needs the support of their parents. Giving some support to your kids in everything they do shows that you love them. Show your support in all aspects of their lives, but make sure you lead them in the right direction.

Support your kids in their academics, dreams, aspirations, and careers. A mom who supports her kids is a supermom to them, and they will forever remain grateful.

Sometimes, kids do not make good decisions as they turn youth and make certain decisions that ruin their lives forever. Moms should make sure they support them by talking to them and educating them about the complications attached to it. This also shows that you love and care for your kid.

8. Don’t equate material things to Love

Show Your Kids You Love them

It is a good thing to shower your kids with material and valuable things but showing them that they deserve love is equally important.

Children need the kind of love that provides a shoulder to cry on. They need a peaceful home and atmosphere to think and grow well. Children are very observant and providing only material things to them doesn’t make them feel loved.

A busy mom who always comes home late and finds their kids asleep but always buys gifts to show how much they love their kids doesn’t mean anything to the kids. All they need is attention, care, love, and support from you as a mom.

Show your kids you love them by being there when they need you.

9. Create a special routine together

Show Your Kids You Love them

Love goes beyond gift. It requires attention, communication, and spending time together. Creating a special routine together with your kids is a special thing to do.

Make it a habit to share happy moments. Create a routine that becomes a tradition in the family. Such as going to the spa every Saturday, baking cakes on holidays, going to church every Sunday, bedtime stories every day before bed, and praying together as a family.

With time, the kids become used to it and practice it every day, especially on the days that you wouldn’t be available to do it together with them.

10. Show equal love to your kids

Every child is unique in their own way, and showing love to each of your kids with the same kind of love is important. Developing much love for one particular kid and showering them with gifts, attention, and care breeds hate and jealousy among them. It creates room for depression and a loss of self-confidence in your kid.

Make sure equal love is shown to all your kids. The same amount of care, attention, and love for each make one big and happy family.

11. Appreciate every little gesture they show

Show Your Kids You Love them

Appreciating every little gesture your kids make shows your love for them. It helps them make it easier to put smiles on your face. It boosts their confidence level, and they put in much effort to make you proud.

Allowing your kids to gift you with the little present they have for you and thanking them makes them happy. Congratulating them when they progress in their academics makes them want to learn more to do more or better in their next grades.

Children would always make their parents proud by receiving gifts, applause, hugs, or showers of compliments. Doing all these things will help raise fulfilled and brilliant kids in the future. They don’t become afraid of failure because they know that even when they fail, they have a mom who will encourage them with words of motivation.

12. Prepare their favorite meal

Show Your Kids You Love them

Every kid believes their mom is the best cook in the world. Kids love eating their mom’s meals. This is because they see the love and genuineness their mom uses in preparing their meal.

Occasionally, try showing your kids by preparing their favorite meals. It makes them happy and enjoy every bit of it. Their love for you grows deeper and deeper because they know that the love you have for them is eternal, and that’s why you took your time and energy just to make them happy by preparing their favorite meal.

13. Advice and direct them to the right path

Advising your kids when they go wrong or misbehave shows your love for them. Correct your kids each time they go wayward. Do that out of love and kindness.

Advise them to do the right thing at the right time. If need be, you can as well give them a small punishment to correct them so they don’t repeat the same mistake. Every child needs to be correct when they go wrong.

Know that overprotecting and overpampering a child doesn’t mean you love them too much. Yes, you do love them, but not advising or punishing them when they grow up wrong doesn’t mean you love them.

Any mom who advises, punishes, and corrects their kids ends up being proud because their love for their kids after they advise them grows strong, especially when they come out to be responsible adults.

In Conclusion

I would like to say that every little thing you do to show your kids you love them really matters, and it is important to keep showing them the love that they deserve. Love knows no boundaries, and showing love to your kids can go a long way as they grow up.

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