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Building a lasting Mother-Child Relationship

Mother-Child Relationship

Imagine having a child or children who cannot come to share their pain and worries with you. They cannot even have a heart-to-heart conversation with you because they fear what you’re going to do to them or they fear you’re going to yell at them if they do. Due to the lack of a “mother-child relationship among you.

Most mothers do not have time for their children because they’re so focused on their businesses, thereby making them busy every now and then. They come home late, find their children asleep, and leave the house so early in the morning, not seeing them before going to work and leaving them for their nannies.

Most of them do not have time for their children to know what goes on during their days in school or what challenges they face in a subject. And they sometimes yell at them at the least chance they get.

Mothers need to make time for their children, no matter what the situation may be. They need to build a mother-child relationship with them. To build a bond that will let the children come to them whenever they need help or need some advice from them.

5 Benefits of Having a Mother-Child Relationship.

1. It helps the child confide in you for advice:

Mother-Child Relationship

Building a mother-child relationship with your children helps them come to you for advice and any difficulties they’re facing as they grow up. It makes them rely on you for all the help they need when they’re in a particular situation that is beyond their control.

They confide in you because the kind of relationship they build with you gives them a relaxed environment around you, making you their number one friend. As adolescents, children need advice on how to carry themselves and how to react to certain situations, and a mother is the best person to explain these to her children.

2. You get to know their moves:

Mother-Child Relationship

Building a mother-child relationship with your child or children helps you, as a mother, to know where they go and the kind of friends they keep. This is because they trust you to tell you everything concerning their lives. They look up to you as their protector and know you’ll direct them to the right places at the right time. The children also grow fond of you and tell you if they’re being bullied or not.

3. It helps you know their likes and dislikes:

As a mother, knowing the likes and dislikes of your child is one of the main things to look out for. It helps you relate with your child as they grow up. A mother who knows the likes and dislikes of her child or children is very careful because she knows what to and what not to indulge her child with.

For instance, a child growing up would love to explore a lot of things. Some may like sports, American football, arts, music, dance, etc. While some won’t even want to venture into those, as a mother, forcing your child to do something they don’t want to do is a very dangerous thing. It destroys the bond between you both because you might always disagree.

4. The child grows up to be healthy and happy:

Mother-Child Relationship

Creating a friendly environment for your child helps them to have a peaceful mind to study, and nature on their talents. It also helps them to grow happily. Imagine an environment without yelling, quarreling, making curses, and fighting all the time. It breeds a serene environment, making the child act brave and happy.

They get focused on whatever they do at school and also at outdoor events. They don’t fear the fact that “Mum is a beast, and I don’t wanna see her.” The child would always want to see you around them because you entertain them with lots of things and show them lots of love.

This makes the mother also happy because, as the saying goes, “a happy child is her mother’s joy.”

5. It helps the children grow up to be good parents.

Mother-Child Relationship

Charity, they say, begins at home but must not end there. Building a mother-child relationship with your children also helps them to be good parents when they grow up.

They intend to spread the same kind of love, attention, bond, support, and friendship you build with them, and tradition goes on and on. With all the support you show them, they learn from you and apply it when they also become parents in the near future.

They become responsible and caring parents because of the kind of upbringing you gave them. A child who looks up to her mother for everything is strong and healthy, and grows up to exhibit the same in society.

As a mother, you shouldn’t be too busy attending to your children because they need you the most. Always remember that your children are your priorities, and it’s because of them that you’re moving about making the money. So if you don’t build a wonderful relationship with them, then you end up chasing money and losing your child or children. Your children need you as much as you need the money.

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