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Why It Is Important To Start A Mom Journaling

As a mom who wants to be very efficient in whatever you do, journaling is your go-to option. In this article, I want to explain why it is important to start journaling as a mom.

 One may ask, what is journaling?

mom journaling

Journaling is the act of jotting down important information to help you in the future and also tracking the activities previously done by an individual. The act of keeping records of a step-by-step process of an activity along the line.

It is gradually done to cultivate and increase sustainability and efficiency in our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities and plans.

It is very important to keep track of or keep records of whatever we do in our daily lives. I had the chance to practice journaling, and I must say, it has been a constructive and delightful journey.

Let me quickly take you through my journey and how helpful journaling was to me and I believe it will also be helpful to you as well. I have eight of them written in this article.

1. It is goal-oriented

    It is believed that to get something done right and accurately, you need to set a goal for yourself. This goal cannot be achieved without jotting it down and knowing how to go about it.

    First and foremost, you need to have the goal in mind and how you want it to be achieved. Writing down the goal makes it easier for you to achieve it. Journaling down the steps to follow makes it so precise.

    2. It helps you correct your mistakes.

    Correcting and completing your mistakes from your previous work is very fulfilling. As a mom, you might have a lot of tasks to complete, and you might not be able to complete them. So, going back to your journal makes you aware of the adjustments you need to make.

    It helps you complete the task you weren’t able to complete like cooking, shopping list, chores etc. It also helps you correct any mistakes made in the previous days, weeks, months, or years.

    3. It is very fulfilling

    mom journaling

    Journaling helps you be on the move. It directs you to know what to do at a particular time. It also helps you pour your heart out into your journal. Sometimes, being a mom can be very stressful and hectic and the only way to pour out your heart is to do that in your journal.

    You might not want to discuss your problems with anyone, and doing that in your journal can be very helpful and fulfilling.  

    4. It helps you keep records of old times

    mom journaling

    Journaling helps you keep records of past events in your life, the lives of your kids, and your spouse. It helps you keep important records of happy moments in your life and also helps you keep important dates of anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc.

    It is important to avoid being forgetful of certain events in your life as a mom; keeping records of these things becomes a priority for you. If you’re the type that becomes forgetful easily after getting things done, then you need to make journaling a habit. It really goes a long way.

    5. Journaling helps you know your potential

    mom journaling

    Most of the time, as a busy mom, you want to attend to everything to make life simple and easy for your family. You end up attending to everything, making sure it gets done by all means. Take a chill pill, darling; you cannot do everything at a goal all by yourself.

    Journaling helps you know what you’re good at doing very easily and quickly without getting caught up with time. It helps to know what type of goal to set. It also shows you how to prioritize any schedules you make.

    6. It serves as an expression of gratitude

    mom journaling

    journaling helps you write down what you are grateful for as a mom. It makes you appreciate life and all the opportunities that come to you as a mom. It also helps you to become positive, happier, and more optimistic about life.

    It is good to feel grateful and appreciate life in some way. Having the opportunity to care for a family is a blessing that we need to thank and appreciate God for.

    7. It helps to minimize mental health

    mom journaling

    There are many benefits to journaling, one of which is to control and manage through any problems, fears, concerns, or panic you have. It reduces depression and anxiety. Journaling helps you manage and solve any problem you’re going through.

    writing down all the problems you’re going through mentally will help you find a solution one way or another. This is basically because you will know what your strengths and weaknesses are, thereby channeling your energy to them.

    8. It is a stress reliever

    mom journaling

    That moment when you can write down how your day went and what you achieved within the day is such a stress reliever. Writing down what went on with your family and kids during the day helps.

    Writing down your thoughts, worries, fears, and anything else that may be causing you to overthink helps you find ways to deal with them or solve them. This can give you a new idea on how to tackle them, making them less stressful than you once thought.

    In summary

    Dear moms, journaling is very important in your home and if you haven’t started yet, then I guess you need to start now. Get yourself a journal and start writing now, Write anything and everything that comes to mind. It is a delightful thing to do that

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