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How To Keep Your Kids Entertained While You’re Working At Home.

Working at home as a mom and surrounded by your kids could be very disturbing and overwhelming, especially when you do not have anyone to help you cater to them. Imagine having a meeting, and suddenly, your kid comes to call you with a shout because they need your attention.

Yeah, I know that feeling, and you wouldn’t want to imagine it, I guess? Imagine getting all your papers scattered while working and having a toddler in your arms at the same time. You end up not getting any of the work done because of the disturbance.

In this article, I have some interesting things to help you keep your kids entertained while working at home. These things are surely going to make your work at home peaceful and successful now, without your kids disturbing you.

Let’s delve into them:

1. Allow them to watch their favorite programs

Giving your kids access to watch their favorite programs will go a long way toward helping you do your work as a mom with ease and comfort. Allow them to watch rhymes on YouTube, cartoons on Netflix, play games on your phone or tablet, etc. Make sure whatever they watch can keep them glued and entertained so long as you finish your work.

2. Serve them with their favorite snacks

Serving your kids with their favorite snacks is also a kind of entertainment to them. They get overjoyed and help you, as a mom, to work efficiently at home. Giving your kids enough of their favorite snacks while working at home puts them in a position of calmness.

3. Give them work as you also work

Working At Home.

Whenever you’re working at home, just make sure you also give your kids something to be busy with: You can provide them with an assignment, a book to read, a book to color, fix Legos, do a puzzle, or make them watch a lesson on YouTube (DYI, math, English, STEM). It serves as a source of entertainment to them, and they turn to it to learn a whole lot of stuff.

4. Invite their friends or cousins to keep them company

Working At Home.

Kids like to play a lot and always want someone around them to play along with them whenever they’re lonely and sad. Inviting their friends or cousins to keep them company is the best idea. This will keep them entertained and help you work efficiently at home.

5. Let them go outside to play

Working At Home.

Allow your kids to go outside and play with their playing objects ( bicycles, toys, football, basketball, etc.), but make sure you have your eyes fixed on them every minute. They become happy and do not disturb you a lot. They allow you to work and complete every task ahead of you without intruding.

6. Create a challenge for them to complete

Working At Home.

Assign a challenge for your kids to complete with awards attached to it. Give them objects to make drawings of, and give them a reading challenge with a handful of books. They will make sure they are glued to the drawing or reading of the books without disturbing you. Kids find reading and drawing very interesting, and they will end up creating a wonderful sketch that serves as a source of entertainment for them. And because each wants to win, they get focused.

7. Make a video call to talk to family members

Working At Home.

Call their grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, and siblings who are not living together with them on a video call. They get so excited and very entertained to talk to them on a video call for such a very long time. The kids talk to them and wouldn’t want to end the call for any reason. This helps you, as a mom, work effectively.

8. Care for their family pet

Working At Home.

Give them the chance to care for the pets at home. Let the kids feed the dogs, and also have them spend time with their pets. Caring for the pets keeps them busy and entertained. It is great for them to practice a little responsibility with their pet. Have them walk the dog, clean the cage, feed the bird, or bathe the rabbit.


Practicing these ideas will keep your kids entertained, and this will also help you, as a mom, to have time and focus on all the work you do at home. Keeping your kids entertained while working at home is very important if you want to have.

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