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WeMompreneurs Feature: Ruth Cofie,

Photography is one of the business areas that is currently booming and gaining a firm foundation in Ghana. Individuals, couples and families love to capture fond memories of time together. is one of the few companies that help people to capture these beautiful memories on canvas. We caught up with the founder who is also a member of the Ghana Mompreneurs Club. Enjoy our session with her as she shares with us her journey as a Mompreneur.

 M: Tell us a bit about yourself?

N: I am a smart self motivated person who has eight years working experience in accounting and finance.

Although an accountant, I have competencies in photography and arts, understanding customer behavior and conducting market research.

I work full time with Star Assurance Company Limited, one of Ghana’s finest and renowned insurance companies.
I’m with the accounts team and I have built strong competencies in areas such as Team Leadership, Relationship Management, Customer Focus and Supporting Change.
I’m a part-time entrepreneur; the Founder and Sales Lead of NFONIRI.COM, an indigenous company in the Photography and Arts industry which preserves memories by framing photographs on authentic canvas.

I hold level two of the Chartered Accountancy Programme from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG), an MBA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Professional Studies – Accra, Bachelor of Science in Administration – (Accounting Option) from the Central University and a Higher National Diploma in Accountancy from the Koforidua Polytechnic.
I have attended seminars on Anti – Money Laundering, Positioning Strategies for the Exceptional Graduate, Customer Care, Agency training amongst others.
I love to examine photographs religiously, loves cooking, listening to good music and an ardent sports lover.

M: What does it take to be a successful working mum?

N: It takes determination, hard work and perseverance. You must be strong in all facet of life and allow God to lead you in whatever you find yourself doing to be a successful mum. You simply must be a woman who never gives up on her dreams no matter what the challenges may be. I will say any successful working mum must be driven by PASSION for whatever she finds herself doing.

M: What led to your decision to become an entrepreneur?

N: I realized at some point in my life that there’s a God given potential within me that puts smiles on people’s faces and makes them feel good. Just at that point, I noticed that what I have always taken to be a hobby could actually be turned into a business, where I’ll make some little money and at the same time help put smiles on other people’s faces by preserving their memories and also having that inner fulfillment and joy when people smile.

M: What are some of the challenges playing a dual role as a mother and entrepreneur?

N: I must confess, being a mum and an entrepreneur is a very tough role any mother can find herself.
Combining work with taking care of my kids and husband is very challenging. There are times, you have deadlines to meet, and your kids would not give you the chance to because they may probably not be feeling too well or they are demanding an extra attention from you that you simply cannot do anything about. Things are even worse of when you work elsewhere aside been an entrepreneur. To make an impact, I have to work as twice hard as a man and this is a big challenge being a mother.

M: How much capital do I need to begin life as an entrepreneur?

N: It depends on the field you find yourself or what you intend doing.
But whatever it is, start small. No amount is too small for any start up. Consistency and persistency are the key things that matters in entrepreneurship. I do not believe so much in going for a loan. It is better to start small, have patience for your little dream to grow into a huge one than to go in for a huge loan to start up and be burdened with interest payment.

M:  What are some of the challenges you faced starting your own business?

N: The challenges are enormous my dear. I’m still facing them only it has subsided compared to the beginning.
I’ve had challenges with whom to patronize my product, challenges with financing, challenges managing my home; especially my kids and challenges satisfying my clients. I have overcome most of them with the help of God.

M: How were you handling your life as a mother and a corporate lady if you have ever worked for someone?

N: I still worked for someone. Managing my life and being corporate lady is quite hectic. I don’t get enough sleep neither does my family. I work over-night if I have urgent orders. Weekends are worse!!
But with determination, hard work, perseverance and faith in the almighty, I’m able to combine both lives. Things will be better soon, I know.

M:  Please tell us about what you do and how we can get in touch to patronize your products / services?

N: I’m a part-time entrepreneur; the Founder and Sales Lead of NFONIRI.COM, an indigenous company in the Photography and Arts industry which preserves memories by framing photographs on authentic canvas.
Current and prospective clients can reach us via our social media handles – facebook, instagram, tweeter etc.
They can also reach us via WhatsApp and voice call on 0266684933.
They can find out more on

M:  Final words of encouragement to any mother out there struggling with combining work and housekeeping.

N: 1. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding….in all your ways, acknowledge HIM, and he’ll direct your path.
2.  If you lack wisdom, let ask God, he’ll give you liberally without reproach.

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