Keep the Business, Keep the Home

I recently came across a video which was quite alarming but realized is something that is happening in our society. The video was about a working mother who employed a househelp and in introducing her to the duties concluded that she (househelp) should make sure she manages almost all the affairs of the house.
This communication didn’t go down well with the househelp and she interpreted her managing the home including having an affair with the woman’s husband as it seems the woman was a very busy person.
In our current world running your own business can be very very exhausting and time consuming, however there are some chores that must never be left to the househelp to attend to no matter how busy you are as a mother.In as much as the business needs you to grow, the family also needs the mother to keep it together. As mothers it is our duty to ensure we draw the line in our homes to prevent our helps from crossing the line.
Be in control of affairs and ensure even when away you have an idea what is going on in your household.
Dish out and serve your spouse yourself if not every time , most of the time.
Even with the busy schedule make time for the kids and at least spend some time with the kids and have fun with them.
In as much as you work tirelessly to keep your business, Keep the home.
A Mompreneur

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