No Goal. No Aim

I was introduced to the Power of Goals by Dan Miller some few days ago and I realized the bigger picture of setting goals in life.
I realized working without a plan or goal in life sometimes gets one confused and clueless. Without any set goals  there is no clear cut plan on how one actually wants to live his or her life.
This can make one indecisive and makes it easy for you to go with the flow. Without a goal any road leads to our destination in life.  For Dan Miller, goals do not only encompass our finances and career.
It covers every little aspect of our lives. His goals for each individual are broken down into FINANCIAL, PHYSICAL,PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT,FAMILY,SPIRITUAL, SOCIAL,CAREER GOALS.
Every aspect of our lives are important. It is surprising how we will take for granted certain  aspects of our lives.
If you are bent on loosing weight as a goal, list the things you would like to do on daily, weekly or monthly basis to help you achieve that goal in the long term.
Do you plan on taking walks, skipping for 30 minutes a day or just giving yourself an hour to relax. Remember wealth is difficult to enjoy if you have given up Health in the process.
How do you plan on developing yourself, how many books do you read in a month or even a year?
How much time do you spend with the family, are you always busy with no time left for yourself to even apportion time to the family.
When we set goals we turn to see a difference in our activities. We realize we are able to accomplish a lot of things and even have more time to ourselves.
”Indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity” ~Unknown~
The best time to create the future is now.
PS: Anyone who wants a copy of the Power of Goals document can inbox me for a copy. Its a great piece!!

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