Written by Mrs. Tracy Dede Kobla-Kumordzie (nee Asiedu-Dicker).

Hello lovely readers. A lot of people have approached me about a moderate way to keep our homes always fresh and have a great aura amidst having the kids at home especially during the Christmas holidays. If you want an inexpensive way to make you home smell amazing and festive, kindly sit back for some cool tips from Mummy Santa lol.

Tip 1: Clean up the laundry

We all know how dirty laundry can change the smell of a room, especially if it’s an enclosure. Thus, handwashing or using a washing machine goes a long way to freshen your space. It will be great to keep a laundry bag to keep them.

Tip 2. Tidy the refuse bins indoors.

Whether it’s the bin in the kitchen or in the washrooms or bedrooms it is good to take out the trash every day and put a new polythene bag in each bin.

It is advisable to clean them daily. However, for busy moms, keeping toilet blocks in the toilet water and using a toilet cleaner might just do the trick. Also scented t-rolls are also cool. For the bathrooms, cleaning can be done at least once a week. A nice, scented soaps and shower gels (E.g. Dove, Old Spice, Harmony, Ultra fresh, Irish spring, Caress, Bath and body works, etc.) and hand soaps are very helpful in maintaining a great scent in the bathroom and sinks.

Tip 3: Keep you fridge and Kitchen Clean.

Keeping your kitchen surfaces, stove, utensils, and appliances neat helps a lot. You may want to keep strong scented food covered in the fridge. A simple fridge refresher can also help to maintain a great smell.

Tip 4: Mop your floors often.

You can use a nicely scented floor cleaning liquid when mopping. You can create a lemon scented one by cutting lemons or squeezing lemon juice into water with a disinfectant.

Tip 5: Dust off Soft Surfaces like your sofas and carpets

Your fabric or leather couch could be a hot spot for debris and, so it needs to be vacuumed or wiped down. Once your sofa is clean and dry, you can use fabric sanitizing spray. Also, carpets can be aired occasionally but vacuumed often.

Tip 6: Use air fresheners, diffusers , reeds and powerfully smelling candles.

If possible, put freshly cut flowers in a vase like lavender plants or roses. This will be an added effect to your house /flat smelling good.  For a Christmasy scent, put an apple, cinnamon, citrus fruits, cloves, ginger and let it simmer and could be a nice fruit punch too lol.

Final Tip: Practice Good Personal Care

Keeping good personal hygiene also goes a long way to making a difference in your home. Whether it is bathing twice, brushing and flossing, using deodorants, and body splashes or perfumes to mention a few, they all help to make your home smell amazing. Whatever body care works for you.

It is the most wonderful time of the year. May it be delightful and smell Christmasy in your home this year and the next.

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