How to Optimize your Business Presence on social media

Social media is gradually changing huge advertisement budgets which we once incurred in our business especially for start-ups. Currently with as little as about $1 you are able to run a paid ad to reach quite some number of people within a specific chosen target group. Social media has come in at the right time as we in the era of entrepreneurship. Lots of people are now  turning their passion into a business which means we look forward to more individual businesses in the years ahead.

Owner of Babybliss GH, Mompreneur Alexis Antwi shares her experiences on how she used social media to win in her business. She uses some simple strategies which has now given her a lot of followers on Instagram and Facebook. . Read on as she shares some of these simple  strategies with us on our blog;

1. DISPLAY PRICES- I’ve had customers who have said that’s why they chose to buy from me as is saves them the hassle of calling or messaging for prices.

2. SALES –I have sales n reduce prices on some items on special holidays for a limited period.

3. FREEBIES – I deliver for free when customers place an order for the first time and it’s over a certain amount. I give free products and samples or sometimes just little pack of sweets or a chocolate bar. You will be amazed the difference it makes.

 I don’t just sell baby food, I eat some too and have tried the varieties with my boys so I am able to advice parents and I usually get it right.

5. RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH – I’m constantly looking for discounts and offers when doing my purchasing online so I can always afford to sell some products cheaper than my competitors and still make profit. I research on the use of products and child/pregnancy related issues  to give better advice.

6. NETWORK – If I meet people anywhere I give a card. I have joined groups as well to connect with others.

7. CARE – I check up on customers a lot. I recently started saving most kids birthdays so we can send out birthday greetings as well.

Getting customers on social media could be easy after- all. You need to get the right content for the right target group. Engage your customers everytime on your page and make sure you adopt very  good visuals also to get their attention.

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