Five things you need to do to take your business serious

take business serious

Are you running a business or its hobby?
When I started running my Social media management agency, it started out as a hobby. I really didn’t see it as something I was going to run as a business so didn’t take into consideration a lot of thing. I remember designing my logo myself and started off with one account.
Five years down the lane, I always get amazed at the number of businesses I have interacted with and helped to grow their social media platforms.

If you are looking at turning your hobby or passion into an excelling business, there are some few important things you need to do in order for people to take your brand serious and recognize your business as a well-functioning entity.
Let’s see how we can leverage these five things to make the best out of our brand and position ourselves as a serious business capable of meeting our customer’s needs.

A serious Business has a Name and Logo

It is important to have a company name and logo for your business as it helps to give your business an identity and distinguish you in your industry amongst competition. These two things also go a long way to communicate professionalism and build trust. Remember to give your business a name that is memorable and will be easy to pronounce even amongst little kids.

A Serious Business needs to be discoverable on Search – Create a Google MyBusiness Profile

Getting on Google My Business as a small business helps you to list your business location to appear on Google Maps. It also helps you to share important information about your business that will help your ideal customer get to you, like your phone number, opening times and even share some pictures.

Listing on Google My Business will make it easy for people to find you online and will also help improve your local SEO.

A serious Brand is in the Books of Local Authorities – Register your Business with the Registrar General Department

Business registration is a very important step in your entrepreneurship journey if you are looking at running a business that you want to run for a long time and expand. There are so many opportunities that comes with registering your business. Registering your business helps you to run it as a legal entity, it also helps you to run a business bank account which when done well could attract some investors. Most importantly most business associations or groups that will help a small business will mostly find out if the business is registered. If you want to learn more about how to register your business in Ghana, check here for more details.

Open a Business Bank account

A business bank account will help you grow your business and provide proof that your business is not a hobby. It will help you keep track of all your expenses and will also help you keep track of all your business financial records.

Build your Personal Brand

One thing I have realized most of us forget to do is building our personal brands and carrying it along with the growth of our businesses. Working on your personal brand whilst building your business brand can help to quickly accelerate your business growth. Some of the ways to build your personal brand as a business owner is to develop yourself in your field of work or business and share your experiences with your audience to grow your brand as an authority in that field.

Which of these have you done for your business? You can list them down and tackle them one by one. If you need any help or assistance on how to get started, send us an email on

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