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Don’t wish for it, Work for it


The key to turning dreams into reality is Action – ~Jim Rohn~

Once upon a time, we have all dreamed and desired one thing or the other that we hoped to see it come into reality. Most often these dreams and desires are left unfulfilled because we fail to act on it or do some work to see that dream or desire come to life. Especially when we face challenges even when we decide to work towards our dreams, that desire to achieve usually dies down after a while if we are not able to ignite that passion or enthusiasm that we started with.

We often do not put in hard work to achieve our goals as we  tend to forget that the mere thought of dreaming or wishing does not work. We need to back it with dedication, consistency and a strong mindset that no matter the obstacles we face we will purse that dream or goal.

Almost all successful people the world has produced were great dreamers. What distinguished them is the fact that they worked hard and persevered in order to achieve their dreams.

Especially for us as women the stage of Motherhood comes with so many challenges and set backs that it takes self-motivation, dedication and a strong will to carry on with our personal goals and aspirations. Along journey to achieve our goals we are faced with a lot of barriers, oppositions and a multitude of negativeness.

The trick lies in the approach we decide to use in tackling these challenges. A strong determined spirit can lead us to conquer all the difficult paths we come across and motivate us to work hard towards our goals.We also have to dedicate time to our goals and be consistent with the actions we believe will help us to achieve them. You don’t necessarily have to do it all at once, take it one day at a time.

Remember that it is not the goals you set for yourself in life that matters but the hard work and effort you put in . We cannot achieve our dreams if we do not put in the necessary effort. We shouldn’t give up or loose hope when things are not going as we want. We must back our dreams with passion and conquer the world. The world needs what you have go to give to make it complete.


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