My Top 4 Characteristics of Successful Mompreneurs

The recent feature of women in Start Up programs and awards shows how female entrepreneurship journey is picking up in our part of the world.

The 2010 GEM survey reveals that women are more entrepreneurial than men in Ghana. The total entrepreneurial activity survey held in 2010 showed that almost 60% of the population for entrepreneurs were female and only about 42% were males. These shows a lot of women are moving into setting up their own business.

Its means we are doing great as entrepreneurs! I engaged with a couple of women managing their own business and realized most of these women took this decision after they started their families and giving birth. Owing and managing your own business  gives them the opportunity to make time for their families and plan their day to suit their own schedules.
Moving in entrepreneurship also allows women to explore their God – given talent and it through this that we are able to utilize our skills and push to be successful

Today I will share with you my Top 4 characteristics for mothers who become successful entrepreneurs.
1. Organized:  As an entrepreneur it is important that you organize your day and plan. Preparing a schedule allows you to stay organized and also prioritize what needs to be achieved for the day. Though you may organize your day, there sure will be times where you would have to be flexible and not go strictly by the plan. Do not worry , it happens!

2. Self-Motivated:  It is important to be self-motivated as a Mompreneur. It is one thing to deal with your business, but another thing to deal with family ( husband, kids) and even your own self sometimes all at the same time. Make sure you ignite the passion for your business every single day. Work it girl…you can do it if you believe!

3. Balance: It is beautiful and inspiring to see how some women are able to balance their lives at work and home. Some Mothers even work two jobs. They work for an employer and also have some personal business by the side. They come home to work for the family as well. Balancing your life allows you to be at peace with yourself. Don’t forget about yourself though whilst you try to balance your business and your family needs. You are important!

4. Sociable: Mothers who are business owners and are very sociable have the high tendency of being very successful in business. Our current world demands that we most times thrive on networking to propel your business. To build a successful business you need to build good relationships and connect with people on a personal level. When you connect on that level you are able to create a more lasting relationship  and helps to move your business. Get your groove on and go out there!

It is possible to make it in your business and be successful. You just need to  adjust with your environment and do things right.

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