The Mompreneur’s Dresscode

Women have over the years made a lot of effort to build businesses for themselves  in order to make time for their families as well.

This trend has become rampant now as the corporate world can be time – consuming, leaving less time for family and other social activities.

Business minded women have brought corporate to their homes by taking up their hobbies as full time jobs, learning a skill and engaging in different kinds of trade just to keep up with the world whilst enjoying the family. Lots of mothers now use social media a lot in an attempt to power and market their business.

One thing most women may leave behind when transitioning from corporate work to Entrepreneurs is the sense of dressing and ensuring appearance is on point all the time.

First impressions really matter when it comes to building a successful business.  Always remember to Dress to impress

When it comes to dressing to work ,whether you work from home or you have an office outside home, make sure you dress to impress.  People take your appearance as important when it comes to how professional your business seems.

Put in the effort to present yourself in a smart and stylish manner, not too overdressed even if you work from home, if you’re going to be dealing with your customers physically or through video chat, it’s still important still look presentable and professional as possible. Remember, first impressions can have a huge impact on how successful your business will be

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