In my corporate life journey, I have come to realize that the values of an organization determines the fate of the organization. What the organization prides as very crucial to their success must be imbibed into each and every employee of the organization to ensure the success of the organization.
With the constant engagements I have had with vendors and clients in Ghana, I have realized some very little things that are ignored which can slowly bring a business to an end.
Response Time: Response time is one very crucial aspect of a business which has not been given much attention in our part of the world to especially when it comes to communication with external parties outside one’s business. Especially through email, you will find employees overlooking important emails for close to 2 weeks without responding. Some others will decide not to even pick your calls and it usually beats my mind to find out these are official lines purposely given to the employee to perform his or her duties. As a KPI for every staff in our organization we measure the response time of the employee through email, skype, whatsapp and all other mediums of communication. This has helped us to save about at least 70% of our contracts.
Feedback Culture : Giving feedback is another crucial aspect of every growing business. Feedback helps management or the person involved understand the pending issue and find another option if there is a problem at hand. Feedback also gives one an upper hand over issues and prevents stalling of projects especially when the information is needed to complete a task. Measuring feedback of employees helps to make them responsible and take charge of tasks assigned to them.
Reports: I have come to realize the essence of reports to managers. Reports play a major role in decision making at top level. Employees find it very difficult sending in reports generally as it gets exhausting sometimes.Financial reports, progress reports on projects as well as human resources gives managers an overview of how the organization is faring from departmental points of view and helps them to take decisions aimed at making the company better. Motivate the employee to understand the essence of the report and get them to move along with the organization.
Some of these points are taken for granted whilst we focus on the bigger problems in the organization. In as much as the bigger issues are tackled measures can be put in place to help mitigate some of these bad habits amongst employees.
All the best as you try figuring out what little thing seems to be eating up the growth of your organization.

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