Five ways to overcome Mommy Guilt as a Mompreneur

Have you ever been caught up in an important meeting and remembered you are an hour late from picking the kids from school? Working as a mother or starting a company are arguably two of the most difficult and fulfilling experiences every woman may experience. All these experiences are usually coupled with “mommy guilts” which will leave you doubting some of the decisions you are going to take.

You might find yourself overwhelmed with work and other activities that will make you think you’re ignoring your duties as a mother. This feeling will linger for a while but the good news is that there are a few ways to cope with and also reduce it. Today we share with you five ways to overcome the “Mommy guilt” in your journey;

1. Involve your children in your business.
One of the effective ways to overcome mommy guilt is to involve your children in the business to help with some of your tasks. Involving them helps to make them feel like a part of what you are doing. The next time they ask if they can help, give them some of your tasks. This way they don’t feel neglected and you also avoid mommy guilts.

2. Understand that you may definitely miss out on moments.
It’s a basic fact of life that as a working mother you may not be available for every minute of her children’s day. It’s fine to be sad about missing out on the fun and sweet moments. Allowing yourself to lament the things you’re giving up by working will make it easier to appreciate the things you’re gaining. It’s pointless to act as if there aren’t any tradeoffs.

3. Stop adhering to the rules of others.
You have a good understanding of what makes a good mother because of the many mothers in your life. You’ve developed a collection of rules that you obey based on these relationships. It’s quick to feel guilty if you don’t follow these made-up rules.Don’t forget that we are all different and the most important thing is showing up for the kids and yourself as and when necessary. Remember that nobody won the award for “Best mother” yet.

4. Create Reminders
As a mother you have to look after yourself, your children, your house, and your work. It’s normal for mommy guilt to crop in once a while as aresult of this busy schedule. You can set up reminders to help you track all the things that are important to you. Is it the meeting in your child’s school? Set a reminder on the phone. Is it the piano class you promised to sign the kids on to, set a reminder. You definitely won’t miss out on your kids life and important milestones with a reminder in track. If you are reminded and you are not able to attend, that’s ok.

5. Be open to new opportunities and go with the flow
There are a lot of mistakes you are going to make and that is ok. The most important thing is to learn from these mistakes and adjust your behaviour as and when necessary . You feel like a winner when you go with the flow rather than battling facts!

It may take some time and practice to overcome mommy guilt and find a routine that works for you. Take a break from the machine, turn off your phone’s alerts/notifications, and savour each moment of the journey.

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