Five Tips to help you turn your Startup Dream into reality

Start up dream

If you’re a determined mother entrepreneur with a start up or a company idea that has the potential to grow into a full-fledged enterprise, you could use these tips to turn what often seems like a  dream into a reality:

1. Clarify your time and financial commitments

To turn your start up dream into reality, it’s critical to first figure out what your priorities are. Begin by asking yourself, “How much time and money am I willing to commit in this project?”
Examine your personal finances and compare them to your projected launch costs. Determine where you can cut expenditures if necessary, and be realistic about how much money you can spend on this project. Make a definite decision on how much revenue the company needs to generate and develop a plan to get there. You can read more at Entrepreneur

2. Identify networking potential all around you to help push your Start up dream

Every mother needs a support group in her entrepreneurship and motherhood journey.   You may not have enough time in your schedule to attend a networking event, but you could schedule and link up with other mothers or professionals through virtual seminars and zoom sessions  from the comfort of your own home. Capitalize on the connections that already exists and also reach out to specialists or other mom entrepreneurs who can help you fill in the gaps in areas of company where you are less experienced (think accounting, IT, etc.).

3. Research to see if there’s a niche for your Startup dream

You may have thought of a great idea but you need to find out if really there is a need for that product or service. Before you take a decision on whether or not to go with an idea, do some research to find out if people will be interested in using that product or service and talk  to people in your network to see if it’s something they would want to buy. This can help you narrow down your ideal customer and target market. If your study generates enough potential interest in your business idea to keep it alive, you might find it’s one worth pursuing.

4. Try out small markets before trying to expand

To turn your start up dream into reality you need to start small by building  a small and manageable foundation . This will allow you to fine-tune and improve your craft, monitor your business strategy, and create brand awareness with clients. Once you’re established  in your local market and among your peers in the industry you can better position yourself to progressively expand into a larger market or go glocal.

5. Do not wait for the “perfect time” to launch your Start up dream

The “right” time to start a business will never come if you expect all of your life’s moving components to organize and align themselves precisely.
Juggling motherhood and business can be chaotic and confusing and you may sometimes want to postpone most of your dreams which is fine if you are not able to pursue it there and then. But once you have the opportunity don’t wait to be perfect.
You should learn from our mistakes, and don’t see yourself as a failure. Perfectionism can stifle your ability to grow, extend, and flourish as a business. Allow yourself to be under qualified, and don’t be scared to take the initial step. After all, your concept could lead to a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Which of these things did you do before you launched your business? Share with us in the comment section.

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