WeMompreneurs Feature : Sussana, Stitches by Suu

This week we feature our interview with Sussana the owner of Stitches by Suu a handmaking crotcheting business. She shares her journey as a Mompreneur with us, how she juggles between her family and business and what inspired her to go into this business. Her handmade crochet pieces are made with love. We hope her story inspires you.

1.How you started as a Mompreneur?

I started crocheting some nineteen years ago after JSS when I had so much time on my hands. I used to make backpacks and tops for my friends. I had a long break until 2014 when one day as I prayed about another avenue to channel my energy, I was prompted about my passion for crochet. After going back to crocheting in 2014, I still just made baby blankets and baby accessories for my friends with baby girls. After my second son, I decided to share my love for crochet with the whole world, in November 2017. So I uploaded pictures of the products on Instagram and started building a team.

2. What inspired you to take that path in business

My main inspiration is my love for crocheting. Crocheting is very therapeutic, it relaxes me therefore turning it into a business was exciting. People are often amazed about our creations and this inspires me too.


3. A little bit about your company and what you do

Stitches by Suu is a startup whose main business is crocheting lovely accessories. We create crochet baby accessories such as booties, beanies, headbands and blankets; satchels and hairbands for toddlers. As well as accessories for ladies such as crochet brooches, purses and jewelry. We are also into the sale of craft tools like crochet hooks, knitting needles, yarn, stitch markers, gauges etc. Currently we use Facebook and Instagram to showcase the creations so its online based.



4. A little background about yourself

My name is Sussana Owusua Kwarteng, a Christian, an akuapem, a wife, a mother of two boys, a civil engineer and a Project Management Professional. I attended Aburi Girls SHS and KNUST.  I work in an Oil and Gas company in Ghana as an Assistant Project Manager. My hobbies include baking, sewing, crocheting and tatting. I love to spend time with children, listen to good music and dance.


5.How you manage your day to day activities

As a project manager I apply my project management skills when I am swarmed with orders. This is basically planning my activities very well so as to finish my projects on time and within budget. I work at dawn before my corporate job and evenings. I create a list of all orders and their delivery dates with realistic timelines. I take into consideration unforeseen causes of delay when giving delivery dates to avoid disappointments.


6. How you are able to balance taking care of your family and manage the business

My family comes first so when I get home from my corporate job, I give my family as much attention as possible before I start ‘Stitches by Suu’ activities. Sometimes I work while my children play other times it’s just impossible when they both cry for my attention. I also get lots of help from my external family in taking care of my children so I can get time to work


7. What are the challenges you face

My main challenge is time as crocheting is very time consuming. Thus I tend to do late night crocheting when we have lots of orders. There are days I feel like giving up but my love for crochet propels me on. I am really passionate about what I create and staying awake so I can put a smile on a customer’s face is a warm feeling. The other challenge is pricing; most people are not ready to pay for the premium products we offer. It makes the pricing very difficult but with time I hope this challenge will be normalized.


8.What are the processes and systems that have helped you in your entrepreneurial journey

Proper time management, procuring items in bulk to minimize the need to use the little time we have to visit the market. One way that helps with time and cost management is online shopping. With online shopping a wide number of sellers are available to compare prices, read reviews from other customers and the items are also delivered conveniently. We use social media (Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp) to market and promote our products.


9. Advise to any young one who wants to start a business

My advice to young ones looking to start a business is to do what you love (no matter the number of businesses out there doing same), pray, start, give it your all and trust that God will do the rest. Until you try, you can never say it’s impossible.


Contact: 0552892733, 0208840041

Instagram: @stitchesbysuu_gh

Facebook: Stitches by Suu

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