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5 Reasons You Should Put Your Partner First Before Your Kids: A Guide for Moms

Parenthood is a beautiful and challenging journey. One that often shifts the dynamics of a romantic relationship. As moms, our instinct is to prioritize our kid’s needs above everything else.

However, maintaining a strong, loving partnership is crucial not just for you, but for your entire family’s well-being. Here are five reasons why putting your partner first can be beneficial for everyone involved.

1. Foundation of a Happy Family

Guide for moms

A strong, loving relationship between partners sets the foundation for a happy and stable family. When kids see their parents in a healthy and supportive relationship, it provides them with a sense of security and models positive relationship dynamics.

Prioritizing your partner helps to create a nurturing environment where love and respect are at the forefront, which in turn fosters a harmonious household.

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2. Better Parenting Team

Guide for moms

When you and your partner are united and prioritize each other, you become a more effective parenting team. Communication, cooperation, and mutual support are enhanced, allowing you to tackle parenting challenges together.

This unified approach ensures that decisions regarding your kids are made jointly, providing a consistent and balanced upbringing. Kids benefit from seeing their parents as a connected unit, which helps them feel more secure and understood.

3. Maintaining Individual Identity

Guide for moms

It’s easy to lose sight of your identity when you become a parent. By prioritizing your partner and your relationship, you maintain a sense of individuality and remind yourselves that you are not just parents but also partners and individuals with your own needs and desires.

This balance is essential for personal happiness and can prevent feelings of resentment or burnout, making you a more fulfilled and effective parent.

4. Setting a Positive Example

Guide for moms

Kids learn about relationships from observing their parents. By demonstrating a strong partnership, you are setting a positive example for your kids about what a healthy, loving relationship looks like. They learn about communication, compromise, love, and respect by watching how you and your partner interact.

This invaluable life lesson will guide them in their future relationships, equipping them with the tools to build healthy connections.

5. Long-Term Healthy Relationship

Guide for moms

The intensity of parenting can sometimes push the romantic relationship to the back burner. However, investing time and energy in your relationship with your partner ensures its longevity. A strong, healthy partnership is built on ongoing effort, care, and attention.

By putting your partner first, you are nurturing the relationship, keeping the romance alive, and ensuring that you remain connected even after the children grow up and become more independent.


Putting your partner first before your kids might seem unreasonable, but it’s a strategy that benefits the entire family. A strong partnership creates a stable and loving environment for your kids, models healthy relationship behavior, and ensures that both you and your partner remain fulfilled and connected.

By investing in your relationship, you are ultimately investing in the happiness and well-being of your family as a whole.

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