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WeMompreneurs Feature: Gloria Degbor, Senam Foods

My name is Gloria Degbor. I am the CEO of Senam Foods. I have a passion for health and well being. “Having a business of my own has always been a dream and it became possible in 2016 with the support of my husband”. I hold a ABE Certificate in Business Management and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resource Management.

I have over 5 years of work experience in Customer Handling and Human Resource Management with Multinational Organizations in the Telecom and Food Industry respectively.

I resigned from corporate work because I felt I was not fulfilled and the desired to start my own business was very strong. I believed in myself and my ability to succeed.

My passion for health and well being led me to spend time in building a budding coconut oil business. “I must say that there is a huge economic potential of coconut oil and its by-products. However, this is being underutilized in Ghana”.

Coconut oil contains Medium-Chain Fatty Acid which prevents and treats a wide range of diseases. It helps in weight loss, restores normal thyroid function, prevents diseases affecting the liver and kidney, the vitamin E contained in the coconut oil makes it excellent for skin protection and a whole lot more.

Due to the economic potential and the many health benefits coconut oil possesses, I decided to produce an all-natural coconut oil that is ideal for health, wellness and beauty. Senam Foods produces cold pressed and heat extracted coconut oil utilizing FDA approved safety standards.

It is Cholesterol free, no additives, premium quality and the smell is simply breath taking. The newest addition to their product line is honey coated coconut flakes. Coconut flakes can be eaten raw, cooked, used as toppings, added to smoothies and other recipes for added flavour and fibre.

Every part of the coconut is very useful that is why Senam Foods is innovating ways to utilize every part of the coconut fruit. To ensure sustainability, Senam Foods have also envisage to plant more coconut trees to serve as raw material and to restore some of the lost coconut trees.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Senam Foods have recently gone into partnership with Cancer Connect Gh to donate GH1 of every sale made to help support and lessen the burden on persons affected by Cancer.

Call Senam Foods on 0244011020 for more enquiries.

Source: Ghana Mompreneurs Club

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