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WeMompreneurs Feature: Naana Amoah,Caris Gold

I am Dora Naana Amoah, Team Leader at Caris Gold Services and Healthy Burst Natural Juices. We are a full event management company specializing in beverage solutions and décor.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with linguistics and currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing. I’m married with two amazing children.

I’m a passionate food enthusiast and this interest started at a very tender age, when I would try different kinds of food and ask friends and family to taste and give their comments. Then when I was expecting my first son, my crave for bissap was so strong but it was only one place in Dansoman that produced it to my taste.

Then when I resumed work after maternity leave, I couldn’t get it anymore because I had moved. I called the contact on the label but the person wasn’t willing to teach me how to prepare it so just did my own trial an error until I got the taste I wanted.

Then I would send it to the office and make some for my colleagues as well. People from other offices used to come around to enjoy some. My colleagues encouraged me to start selling it instead of giving it for free. Then bam the business opportunity began. I started juicing up in my kitchen and this hobby has developed into experimenting with different fruits and vegetables to come out with ideal combinations that all and sundry enjoy.

HealthyBurst juices aim to provide more varieties of fruit juices tailor made to suit the taste and preferences of consumers taking their health and nutrition into consideration. Varieties include asana, lamugine, pineapple juice, melon juice, fruit cocktail, mango juice, beet root, pineapple and mint   and our new kid on the block sugarcane juice with variants such a sugarcane ginger, sugarcane lemon, sugarcane mint. We also provide custom made beverage setups for all types of corporate and social events.

My passion for events was also activated when I found myself in the hospitality industry for over 10 years and ended up heading the conference and events department of a four star hotel. I could handle up to 8 different events in a day concurrently. From high profile international conferences to birthday parties, funerals and kids events of up to 1500 guests.   It was no news when I decided to resign from corporate to take care of my family and also nurture and grow my second baby the Caris Gold event management and décor and rentals services. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ Caris Gold. Call or whatsapp: 0244947044/0264947044

I will not say all has been perfect but through it all God has been our moderator and has directed us to this point.

For competition, I will say God has blessed everyone with ideas so we just concentrate on giving the best to our clients and taking their feedback to improve on our services.

Source: Ghana Mompreneurs Club

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